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Watch this quick video to learn more about CCH Tagetik dimensionality: unlimited dimensions, attributes and hierarchies are just a few clicks away!
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Unlimited dimensionality in CCH Tagetik allows you to report and analyze your data by as many dimensions as neededwithout any predifined limitations or restrictions.

Let's take a quick look.Through a very intuitive point and click experience power users in CCH Tagetik can manage multiple different types of dimensions.

In blue for instance some of our smart financial dimensionssuch as accounts, scenarios or entities that all come with built-in financial intelligence.

In green instead some examples of our typical business dimensionssuch as customers, cost centers or products that will depend on the type of business that we're dealing with, and also in light pinksome of our more analytical dimensions such as patients or insurance providers, obviously, in the healthcare example in this case.To add a new dimension it's as simple as clicking on the three dots and by selecting the new dimension label it is possible to define a new label such as, for instanceSKU, or give this dimension a name such as 'My SKU dimension' and at the same time it is also possible to define a default member for this dimensionsuch as 'My not applicable element'.

Once a new dimension has been created, as a power user I can simply personalize the home page experienceby adding a new tile in the form of the newer created SKU analitycal dimension.

An analitycal dimension in CCH Tagetik behave like any other dimension of the application, here in fact is where I can simply click on my list item to add brand new members to that dimension by simply clicking onthe plus sign or maybe using the on the fly import and export capability of CCH Tagetik, where are of course many of our data integration capabilities to upload directly the metadata and also any other attributes directly from a source system, like your GL system or maybe data wherehouse system.For any analytical dimension it is possible to create as many different ultimate hierarchies as needed by simply clicking on the new hierarchy button, in this case we are just pre-defining the code and maybe also the name of the new hierarchy, let's say 'SKU by product' that actually group our SKUs by individual products, and clicking on the okay button the power user will be directed to the hierarchy management capabilities of CCH Tagetik where, again,through a point and click experience the power user will be able to create and add as many new notes within this hierarchy as needed.

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