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2 Min Demo: Subscription Based Revenue Planning

Watch how CCH Tagetik’s flexibility allows users to easily plan and model revenue for their Subscription based business.
2 minute demo
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CCH Tagetik's non-prescriptive approach to planning allows for easily set up organization-specificrevenue planning.

And in this example let's take a look at revenue planning for a subscription-based company.In this sample subscription-based revenue model, we have three types of subscription:premium, basic and the advanced subscription.Of course, when setting up your revenue plan you'll be able to have as many types of subscription as your business requires.

At the top of this form,we have a set of assumptions that we can manage.

We have some organic growth rates, churn rates and configurable strategic growth rates.We can easily adjust any of the assumptions that we've implemented, and notice that the numbers update right on the fly.

In this sectionbelow we have the ability to apply manual adjustments and apply any of the strategies we set up to our different subscriptions.As I make any manual adjustments or apply any of the assumptions, we will see my final forecast numbers update right on the fly.On this second tab we summarize some historical data at the top of the form and set some revenue assumptionsin the middle.

In this model we can set up customer split, monthly revenue and fixed revenue per user.Just below this we'll select which model to use in our final calculation.

Based on my selection, the graphic will update right on the fly.And just below the section at the bottom of the form, we summarize the results of the forecast models for 2017, 2018 and 2019.Jumping over to the sample output report, we have a customer base breakdown graph at the top ofthe form and at the bottom we summarize the subscriptions at each user base for the three different models.I can select the model to be represented in the graph and again watch the graph update right on the fly.This is just another example of how we can leverage CCH Tagetik's modelling capabilities and flexibility to do revenue planning, and in this case a subscription-based revenue model.

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