Concept-based learning in nursing education

Provide an alternative approach to learning for aspiring nurses with a concept-based curriculum and reduce cognitive overload.

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Easily map out your curriculum

Lippincott® CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts is your foundation for an exceptional concept-based curriculum focused on active learning. We’ve partnered with nurse educators to develop pre-built concept and exemplar libraries for ADN, BSN, and LPN/LVN programs — as well as select state frameworks — and provided an intuitive platform for customizing the concepts and content you teach so you can implement your curriculum with confidence.

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Active learning for nursing concepts

Today’s students expect more from their nursing education. That’s why we’ve provided a wide array of mobile quizzing, video, audio, and other resources to get your students thinking more critically, and conceptually, about the material they learn in the classroom. Lippincott® CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts gives you the active learning tools to further engage students in the material, and not teach at them.

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Assess concepts, improve outcomes

Powered by PrepU, Lippincott® CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts provides vast adaptive learning benefits, real-time reporting and personalized remediation. It offers unparalleled formative assessment and reporting tools to measure student progress, ensuring they are mastering course material and nursing concepts, and preparing for the NCLEX®. No other solution provides as extensive an end-to-end adaptive assessment designed to guide your students through the entirety of your concept-based curriculum from day one to graduation.

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Think like a nurse

Lippincott® CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts offers up-to-date, evidence-based clinical information to help students bridge the gap from classroom to practice. By using a conceptual approach, we train today’s student to think like a nurse and enhances their job readiness, offering unique opportunities for them to analyze and understand new information and apply what they learn to real-world scenarios. With fully-integrated clinical decision support tools, CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts takes students’ critical thinking skills to new heights.

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Moving to a concept-based curriculum is really the only way to effectively teach students the material they need for the job and to equip them with the critical thinking and collaboration skills they will need to deliver the best patient care.
Tola Plusnick, DNP, RN, CPNP
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