What's driving the increased complexity for GMEI?

Shifting requirements stemming from Dodd-Frank continue to create change and uncertainty. Along with these regulations come audits—requiring companies to be more vigilant. Missed deadlines, filings or payments can result in lost time and money, governmental penalties, and negative public relations.

CT Corporation helps you stay compliant with GMEI requirements

We were the first company in the industry to offer GMEI services and our unique expertise and custom implementation will help keep you compliant.  We'll help you obtain a new GMEI, manage annual renewals and make mandatory updates.

Frequently asked questions
  • Do I need a Global Market Entity Identifier (GMEI)?
    If you’re a hedge fund, private equity fund, sovereign fund, pension fund, REIT, or real estate company, there’s a good chance you need a GMEI—or several. And, many other types of corporations may also be subject to the requirement, such as mining or energy companies.CT Corporation can help you make this determination.
  • What is GMEI?
    As a result of the Wall Street Consumer Protection Act (also known as Dodd-Frank), any business entity that deals in over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives is now required to obtain and maintain a unique 20-character code known as a Global Market Entity Identifier, or GMEI.
Business compliance requires global expertise. Expect more.
Trust CT Corporation to navigate compliance anywhere you do business.
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