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Trusts User Training

60 minutes

Designed for new users & previous users of the TMS system who have migrated to CCH Entities. 
We work through entering a trust in the system including tasks, documents and reporting.

Wednesday, 31 March


Tuesday, 27 April

11:00 am



 CCH Entities Portal Training  

30 minutes

The portal allows your clients to view information on all people & companies linked to their trust or company

Thursday, 28 April  2:00 pm
 CCH Entities Customisation Training  

45 minutes

Learn how to create a new document template in the system

 Thursday, 22 April  2 pm
 AML, CDD and Electronic ID Verification  

30 minutes

Learn how CCH Entities can help you with the AML regime and Electronic ID Verification

 Tuesday, 30 March


Wednesday, 28 April

 2:00 pm
 CCH Companies  

Short Recorded Sessions (10 - 15 mins)

Administrator Setup

Directors and Shareholders

Annual Return Reminders

Filing and Annual Return

Workflows and Tasks

Working with Documents

AML/CDD and Electronic ID verification