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Tax & AccountingDecember 20, 2022

Inspired Accountants doubled practice revenues with CCH iFirm automation

Case study

For nearly a decade Wolters Kluwer CCH iFirm has powered Auckland’s dynamic professional service practice, Inspired Accountants, helping to double practice revenues.

Cloud empowered

Cloud empowered, the firm’s virtual capacity has made its accounting and advisory offerings immune to pandemics, economic swings and staff supply issues.

In fact, Inspired Accountants Director, Craig Weston, says: “The automation delivered by CCH iFirm supported us to double the size of the firm and add new revenue streams while operating with the same head count.”

On the back of CCH iFirm support tools we’ve doubled our business, added new revenue streams, while operating with the same head count.
Craig Weston, Director, Inspired Accountants


  • Doubled their business using CCH iFirm-supported productivity gains
  • 1 day per month saved via capacity planning
  • 80% practice automation achieved

Company details

Name: Inspired Accountants
Size: 5 Employees

Capacity planning

“The real deal maker for us is CCH iFirm Practice Manager’s capacity planning. No one else that we are aware offers capacity planning capabilities like it,” he says.

“With iFirm, we’ve trimmed planning from hours on diabolical spreadsheets, to the push of a button. The whole team assesses the capacity plan every week. We would save almost a day a month on internal liaison and updates.”

Setting benchmarks and reaching targets

CCH iFirm’s customisable dashboard also makes it easy to track team performance, better understand workloads and pull reports in real time.

“We can tell straight away what jobs are on and who’s doing them. Every week we map individual chargeable time against predetermined targets, fees we’ve generated this month compared to budget, and the filing percentage against the IRD requirement.”

“CCH iFirm makes it easy to dive in, look at, find anything you need, and to follow things up,” he says.

With CCH iFirm backing us, whether we’re facing a pandemic, economic changes, staff shortages or remote working, we just carry on as normal.
Craig Weston, Director, Inspired Accountants

Strategically setting expectations upfront

As Inspired Accountants operates with the CCH iFirm automated workflows and tools in the background, it keeps operating costs low. From there, the firm has streamlined core services with a move to a subscription package concept where fee proposals are presented to clients for online acceptance and payment.

“Paid, fixed fees - before work starts – means our clients know what they’re up for and we don’t have cashflow issues,” Craig says.

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