The pandemic has disrupted how organisations and their people now work. The pandemic has given rise to talent challenges in remote working, new work culture expectations and recruitment challenges in a high-turnover labour market.

Forward-thinking tax leaders should be prepared to tackle this challenge — especially if their team rely heavily on labour-intensive manual tax reporting and compliance processes. Tax leaders should evaluate the employee experience they are providing their teams to meet talent retention goals and maintain a positive employee sentiment.

Tax professionals increasingly place importance on team culture, opportunities for growth, training, career development, and critically, the resources and digital tools provided for them to complete their complex tasks. Organisations cannot afford to lose talented corporate tax professionals to competitors or other fields. Forward-thinking tax leaders must ensure they meet their team's expectations on how they want to be enabled to do their jobs successfully. Technology can and will play a critical part in allowing tax teams to succeed by automating boring, manual and complex tax reporting processes. It can also be essential in improving team morale, engagement, collaboration and overall employee satisfaction.

Building a positive and enabled tax team

The importance of investing in corporate tax technology to meet employee expectations today — while empowering them to be the tax team of tomorrow.

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According to a 2021 Forrester report1, companies that invested in employee experience cited a:

improvement in productivity

increase in revenue

increase in retaining talent

increase in attracting talent

Expert webinar
Why employee experience matters for today’s corporate tax team
Recorded 11 August 2022

Join our panel of tax and technology experts as we discuss this often-overlooked element of leading a corporate tax function to ensure tax leaders are meeting their team’s needs to enable them for success.


Zac Correia
Zac Correia
Director - Tax Reporting & Strategy
PwC Australia

Alesha Mercieca
Alesha Mercieca
Manager Tax Operations, Group Finance
Australia Post

Phil Hassey
Phil Hassey
Chief Executive Officer

Andy Hung
Andy Hung
Director of Professional Firms and International
Wolters Kluwer

CCH Integrator
Improve your tax team’s employee experience with CCH Integrator
CCH Integrator is a cloud-based platform that liberates tax teams from complexity and frees individuals to focus on higher-value strategic initiatives. It allows collaboration anywhere at any time, enabling a single source of truth for decision making, and reduces risk with controls over the accuracy and timely reporting.
  • BESIX Watpac
Genna Marles
Back in the day, corporate tax was compliance-focused. Now you’ve got governance, and if you are a significant global entity, you have many other bigger picture things to think about and to know about. CCH Integrator takes away much of the burden of compliance responsibility and allows you space to act on other things. So, a better work environment.
Genna Marles
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