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Healthcare teams around the world are strained more than ever and in need of evidence-based information at the point of care, and 70% of Millennials are rethinking where they'll go for care in five years. As the industry radically shifts, innovative solutions are needed to support clinical teams, expand beyond the clinic, and create empathetic interactions that can impact outcomes, drive efficiencies, and provide the best possible care for all patients, everywhere.

At Wolters Kluwer, we're working with clinicians and experts globally to develop and deploy evidence-based technology to support better and more equitable health outcomes - one patient at a time. More than 6.5 million clinicians across 191 countries place their trust in us and we're collaborating with EHRs, health plan companies, pharmacies, biotech, cloud vendors, educational institutions, and health systems to strengthen our impact across the continuum of healthcare.

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Featured HIMSS 2023 expert presentations: Nursing informatics, AI voice technology, clinical decision support

Gain insights on innovative technology applications to alleviate care teams, engage patients, advance digital transformation, and deliver empathetic and equitable care through presentations featuring Wolters Kluwer experts Freddie Feldman, Dr. Jennifer Tirnauer, and Dr. Howard Strasberg.

Expert solutions to support better patient care, everywhere

From enabling decision making based on the best clinical evidence to supporting empathetic patient interactions to providing underlying data and robust workflow technology, solutions from Wolters Kluwer help unify stakeholders and drive better, more consistent health experiences across the care continuum.

Healthcare technology insights

Evidence-based, innovative solutions for the entire health ecosystem

Wolters Kluwer is committed to helping clinicians and administrators provide the best patient care, everywhere

Healthcare industry recognition

We are proud to have been recognized by top organizations for healthcare innovation and excellence.

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Health technology partnerships

By partnering with leading technologies, clinicians and health administrators can provide more efficient and personalized patient care.

Innovating to support better patient health and outcomes

Health systems and organizations around the world rely on Wolters Kluwer solutions to solve their pressing business challenges, optimize clinician efforts, and work towards providing the best possible patient care.

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