Fast and flexible: Make data work for you

Medi-Span takes the seemingly endless universe of drug data and synthesizes it into intelligent databases and integrated tools that you can use to build what you need. And we stick with you to make sure it works.

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Powering a patient-specific approach to clinical screening

Medi-Span takes a holistic approach to screening, using information in the patient profile to flag potential adverse effects. Supported by data developed by a multidisciplinary team to deliver recommendations from current medical and pharmaceutical literature.

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Innovating therapeutic classification to strengthen your data

The Medi-Span Generic Product Identifier (GPI) is a unique concept, featuring 14 characters for a level of granularity unprecedented in the industry, infusing your data activities with specificity and speed.

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Dedicated to hands-on implementation support

A global, dedicated implementation team delivers bespoke customer support from solution planning, through go-live and beyond to enable smooth implementation and optimization of data solutions.

"Medi-Span allows for consistency across the company, industry, and clients."

- Manager from an insurance company

Expert insights from Medi-Span

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