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Grant’s Anatomy Lab

Ideal for programs with a cadaver dissection lab, Grant’s Anatomy Lab is a customizable online lab manual based on the renowned textbooks Grant’s Dissector and Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy.

Instructors can edit the current Grant's Dissector content to best suit the needs of their specific courses and students and publish updates to each class on a timely basis.

This invaluable resource enables instructors to fully customize dissection instructions and related text and image content to help students prepare for the gross anatomy lab, follow step-by-step instructions during cadaver dissection via in-lab computers or iPads, and to review for exams after lab. This resource also now includes new Grant’s Dissection videos to help further enhance learning.

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Grant’s Dissection Videos

Grant’s Dissection Videos are a collection of approximately 80 high-resolution videos, totaling more than 13 hours, demonstrate the Grant’s method of cadaver dissection sequences, as described in the popular Grant’s Dissector textbook.

Organized by body region, each video includes narration by Dr. Alan J. Detton and on-screen labeling and text. The videos show students what they are expected to achieve in lab, the steps required for each dissection, and the information they need to learn for practical exams.

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Resources designed to enhance anatomy knowledge

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy book cover

Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy, 15th Edition

Anne M. R. Agur, BSc (OT), MSc, PhD; Arthur F. Dalley II, PhD, FAAA • ISBN 9781975138707
Illustrations drawn from real specimens, presented in surface-to-deep dissection sequence, set Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy apart as the most accurate reference available for learning human anatomy.

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Grant's Dissector book cover

Grant’s Dissector, 17th Edition

Alan J. Detton, PhD • ISBN 9781975134600
Grant’s Dissector provides step-by-step human cadaver dissection procedures for students to perform in the anatomy lab and to recognize important relationships revealed through dissection.

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Grant's Anatomy Coloring Book book cover

Grant’s Anatomy Coloring Book

Nicole R. Herring, PhD • ISBN 9781496351258
Grant’s Anatomy Coloring Book uses an interactive approach to help students deepen and reinforce their anatomical knowledge by integrating visual and kinesthetic learning activities with an efficient, high-yield review of essential information.

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