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CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability on-demand demo

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ESG & sustainability reporting is about to become as critical as the annual report for finance leadersand analysts predict a sharp increase in companies implementing ESG solutions in 2023. 

With ESG and Sustainability Performance Management coming to the forefront of all businesses, CCH Tagetik provides a prepacked solution to help your organization meet all of your ESG needs.

Address evolving regulations with a pre-built and configurable expert solution that streamlines data collection, calculation, and KPI disclosure.

Play out ESG scenarios to see both real-world and bottom-line impacts. Use what-if analysis to improve the impact of sustainability plans while reducing costs, limiting risk, and optimizing resources.

In our on-demand demo, discover how technology can be leveraged to collect and analyze ESG data, as well as:

  • Gain real-time visibility into your ESG and Sustainability data
  • Analyze data with prepackaged reports based on global regulations
  • Collect ESG and Sustainability Performance data from any source system leveraging built-in ETL capabilities
  • Review out-of-the-box metrics and KPI calculations in accordance with all of the major global frameworks (GRI, SASB, TCFD, SEC, etc.), or create your own configurable metrics and KPIs
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CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability Performance Management
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ESG & Sustainability Performance Management
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