Dealing with increasing workload

The Corporate Legal Departments of these days experiencing a huge amount of pressure. The pressure of more workload, the pressure of tasks expected to be completed in less time and with less resource – while having a perfect balance of accuracy.



Increasing expectations of service levels and response times


Increasing expectations of the CEO and the CFO to be aligned with business goals


Greater legal complexity and broader range of stakeholders

Digital Transformation

Experiencing the need and benefit of technology-led transformation in every quarter, is now inevitable for the Corporate Legal Departments and they are trying to embrace and engage with technology – the only solution to turn challenge into opportunity. Wolters Kluwer has a broad range of solutions to help in transforming your business in the digital era. Solutions to fit your needs and drive efficiency so you can stay in control.



All-in-one solutions to manage processes around legal information and documents, like contracts, corporate records, IP, claims, and more!


A central repository to access and share data securely


Powered with business analytics and artificial intelligence to improve overall performance


More control & collaboration with Legisway

  • Legisway delivers optimised legal management with easy-to-use solutions for information and document processing
  • You can share access with the right people across the business, delegate tasks, standardise workflows and faciliate self-service for routine work
  • Embracing and engaging with technology – Legisway is the only solution to turn challenge into opportunity
  • A platform of industry-standard functionality, that has a higher level of flexibility built in
  • With the help of experts, we ensure the right fit for real-world needs 
  • And an intuitive user-interface and short learning and transition time, Legisway minimises interruption to business.
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