Align production capacity and product demands with CCH Tagetik Production Planning & Capacity Planning software

Produce the right products at the right time with maximum efficiency. From product design to procurement to manufacturing, CCH Tagetik Production & Capacity Planning connects every link of the production planning process. This all-seeing eye enables you to match production volume to demand while optimizing raw material consumption, MRP routings and machine output.

Gain full control over your manufacturing processes. By seeing the impacts of changes to the bill of materials, available capacity, and scheduled resources in real-time, you’ll use your insights to meet production schedules, reduce bottlenecks and control costs more effectively. Unify all your plans and get a pulse on production to maximize operating profit margins with CCH Tagetik.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Production Planning & Capacity Planning let's you focus on your business

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  • Lucart Group
  • Zuegg
  • Kistler
The most important aspects are: expertise, customer satisfaction and process knowledge. I really appreciate the built-in and native functionalities like cost allocation, budgeting, ETL, cost production that for us is very important and reporting that is amazing in CCH Tagetik because you can satisfy both financial and operational needs.
Roberto Vigolo
The CCH Tagetik solution allows us to manage closing, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow planning processes in one integrated environment. Tight integration ensures complete data traceability, auditability, immediate reporting, and variance analysis.
Elisa Florio
We were impressed with the professionalism of CCH Tagetik and pmOne and the versatility of the software, because it covers the full range of tasks in the finance department. We now have a tool that helps us to plan in a very structured way. This is a huge advantage, since the process gives us security. Another benefit is that we are always informed about the status and progress, via a central cockpit.
Daniel Uhr

Production and capacity planning

When you combine production and capacity planning within a unified CPM solution, the effects run long: an optimized supply chain, control of MRP costs, reduced planning cycles, enhanced financial performance.

  • Refine BOM costs with activity-based costing and allocations
  • View your entire plan from BOM to resource scheduling
  • Analyze production and plan for cost and resource efficiency
  • Use detailed driver-based modeling to pinpoint capacity
  • Plan at any level of detail, from the plant level down to SKU
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Evaluate the feasibility of production plans

CCH Tagetik enables you to evaluate the feasibility of production plans and capacity loads by playing out different scenarios with drag and drop functionality. Simulate changes on-the-fly to job orders, production lines, raw material mixes or master scheduling.

  • Quickly produce plans by plant, product or production line
  • Synchronize production and procurement plans
  • Assess profitability or perform variance analysis at any level
  • Drill down to the work order, product, or SKU level
  • Simulate changes in productions and the impact on delivery
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AI & Machine Learning
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's Production & Capacity Planning is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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