Webinar - Power up your reporting capability with CCH OneClick and finsit
Tax & Accounting04 November, 2021

Webinar: Power up your reporting capability with CCH OneClick and finsit

Do your clients understand how healthy their business is? Can they make sense of a balance sheet or their profit and loss? Are they aware of risks to their business? Do they really understand what makes their business successful, and can they track it? If the answer to any of the above questions is “no", finsit can help.

Bringing together great advice with visual storytelling, finsit works with CCH OneClick to turn complex numbers into easy-to-understand reports with graphs and charts, so you can have insight-rich conversations and provide proactive advice to your clients.

Join our experts Ben Cunliffe and Martin Patmore for a full demonstration of how finsit can help you create new revenue streams and attract higher fee-paying clients, utilising the data you’ve already got in your system.

In this webinar you will find out how finsit can:

  • add vital non-financial KPI information to measure against success factors with data that isn’t native to bookkeeping packages
  • pinpoint peaks and troughs in business performance and review the source with our intelligent drill-down
  • display the insight that matters to each of your clients and create custom reports with our in-depth report-building tool
  • design a full overview of their business for your clients by combining key data points and visuals into a PDF management report pack

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