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Tax & Accounting23 November, 2023

Making tax automated with FD Intelligence

We have launched an intelligent automation system for CCH Personal Tax that automates the extraction and categorisation of tax data from client documents, potentially slashing the time spent by advisers on manual processes.

The Personal Tax Automation Robotics tool, delivered by automation specialists FD Intelligence, is designed to interact with CCH Personal Tax as part of an end-to-end workflow tool for clients’ personal tax affairs.

What is intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation combines robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim of making the workplace more efficient. RPA is a program or series of programs designed to undertake repeatable tasks on a computer that would otherwise be performed by a human. These robots can launch and operate existing applications and integrate into almost any business process conducting repetitive work – in this case, the extraction and categorisation of tax information.

How can I find out more?

Join this webinar with Andy Guy and Dave Clough from FD Intelligence to find out how you can implement automated solutions for a range of service lines and back-office functions across accountancy and finance.

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