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Legal08 February, 2021

Optimising document work in law firms, legal departments with legal tech tools

The legal industry has been undergoing a transformation for some time now, driven by a combination of economic demands, demographics, regulatory requirements, new technology and the need to remain competitive. The global pandemic of 2020 will have far-reaching effects for the entire sector and further accelerate the shifts in the industry. The coronavirus crisis has made it clear that legal tech solutions, which allow you to work at any time and in any location, are critical for keeping legal work up and running.

While the increasing importance of legal technology is a major concern for 76% of lawyers, only 28% say that their organisation is very well prepared for it.* Legal tech tools specialising in document creation, in particular, will become more important over the next 3 years.

Document generation is the heart of everyday legal work – whether it’s drawing up complex agreements or legal opinions, official court correspondence that is subject to specific requirements and laws, or standardised templates. The document creation process continues to take centre stage and can be optimised with smart legal tech tools: from automated document and contract creation to document collaboration tools that streamline and accelerate the collaborative creation, coordination and approval of documents.

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the various areas where legal tech can support the day-to-day work of law practices and legal departments. We highlight how legal tech solutions such as document automation and collaboration software can be leveraged in the real world, and how easy they are to integrate into your existing IT landscape.

*The 2020 Future Ready Lawyer Survey: Performance Drivers Report

Legal Tech Tools to Support Document Work for Law Firms & Legal Departments

With document generation sitting at the heart of every-day-work, adopting the right tools can help you boost collaboration (especially with remote working) and improve efficiency. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how the legal market is changing as digitalisation progresses and how to leverage legal tech solutions such document automation and collaboration software.

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