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Compliance Finance19 October, 2021

Navigating the complexities of Regulatory Data Transformation (RDT) in Thailand

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has published the Regulatory Data Transformation (RDT), its newest regulation for the credit data set. RDT is a well-formed and well-defined Granular Data Reporting regulation, and so far, for the Thailand market, one of the most complex ones, with first in APAC to have introduced API submission. RDT's multiple layers require data vaulting, data validation, submission scenario and API submission.

There are multiple steps and processes that Banks need to simplify and adopt for them to report on the RDT Credit data set. As the timelines of the industry-wide testing go live in the next six months (date and year), the need to understand these concepts swiftly is paramount for its success.

Watch this workshop from Wolters Kluwer expert to help you navigate the complexities of RDT and understand the regulation in detail.

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