Legal14 September, 2023

Legisway’s Benchmark report: Legal departments’ digitalisation is still in progress

Wolters Kluwer and the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) have joined forces to carry out the Legisway  Benchmark for Legal Departments, a comprehensive study on the position of legal departments in Europe on their digital transition path. More than 520 legal professionals were questioned about the improvements they would like to see in their department, the progress of their strategy, and the challenges they face in implementing technology, among other aspects. 

The Legisway Benchmark for Legal Departments report reveals that in-house legal professionals are still limited by internal processes that have not yet been optimised by digital tools: 1 in 10 legal departments still use paper archives, and 43% still store their documents on shared drives. However, they remain aware of the benefits that a complete digitisation of their legal processes could bring them, with 73% of legal departments indicating that they have drawn up a strategy for tech implementation.

Some of the major factors that could explain the lag in progress on the digitalisation curve among legal departments were identified:

  • Securing the budget for tools remains the main challenge that in-house legal professionals face today (57% of respondents mention it as their top challenge)
  • 49% of surveyed legal departments mention stakeholder buy-in as a major challenge when it comes to introducing new legal technology.

This study also sought the views of legal experts on AI and its future in legal departments: "As [AI's] use becomes more widespread, there will be an uptick in its use and the value it can return, which will make it an inextricable part of legal work, and legal operations strategy." commented one of the survey participants.

Dive into this comprehensive benchmark report, offering insights into the current level of digital advancement among legal departments in Europe, along with the path that lies ahead for legal professionals.

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