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Legal27 January, 2023

Lawyers and the great resignation

How to deal with the great resignation against the backdrop of digital transformation?

According to the 2022 SURVEY REPORT The Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer: Leading Change, 58% of lawyers say that they will very or fairly probably leave their post in 2023... This is to say that the great resignation is in full swing! One more sign (if we are still doubting it) of an era plagued by profound questioning of the relationship with work. Followed by telework, geographical mobility, the phenomenon of the great resignation impacts all law firms in Europe and the United States.

Tip 1 - A new practice culture - Reinventing a new internal pact

Engaged in a digital transformation, the lawyer flattens his processes, optimizes the points of contact with his clients and seeks to increase productivity surrounded by an agile project team. Despite this competitive arsenal, the keys to success rhyme above all with the human factor and the ability to support these changes in an often long or even laborious timeframe once at the helm. These new relationships at work require new practices to serve this new basis of commitment between the employees of a firm.

Recommendation: Create a manifesto of your challenges/benefits for the future of the firm, co-construct with clear objectives shared by all.

Tip 2 - A clear strategy - Boost your leadership

Did you say VICA? Understand Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The software provides solutions to support law firms in this environment: 63% of lawyers and in-house lawyers foresee an increase in their investment in software facilitating legal work over the next 12 months. In a more “flexible” world, some consider face-to-face as a guarantee of proximity to their customers, others, on the contrary, prefer full remote. Hybrid technology knows how to respond to both approaches!

Recommendation: Implementing the right technologies to meet your new value proposition.

Tip 3 - A more agile management - Driving different generations

Lawyers are faced with a team management role far from their DNA: On the one hand, millennials, guardians of a heritage to be transmitted... They have experienced successes and failures with valuable feedback. On the other hand, a generation X and Y with fresh ideas in a more open and creative way of working. Their mantra: if you don't like your job, you've wasted your life!

The numbers: 83% of lawyers say it's extremely or very important to them to work for a firm that fully leverages technology.

Recommendation: Awareness of a current paradigm shift to better value everyone with their points of support and get into Team Building mode! 

Tip 4 - Reinforced communication - Better support the transformation

To increase the expertise of employees in the face of the challenges of digital transformation, training in the tools is a key step that is often overlooked. Respecting a time for technical adaptation is one thing, but cultural transformation is another with a lot of changes in habits, working methods and other rituals. Display like Boson Project which helps companies in the transformation of their management, these new essentials:

  • Keeping pace with changing customer expectations
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Digitize without dehumanizing 

Recommendation: Implement a solid training plan, renew your communication tools collectively to take full advantage of them in the long term.

Tip 5 - The “little pleasures” of everyday life - Retain your talents

Find the balance between the individual needs of employees, their learning, their remuneration and their collective needs, in short, to feel like they belong to and feel useful in a group! Encourage collaboration and exchanges between employees, for this data centralization solutions allow everyone to do their work better and free up time for other more interesting tasks. Only 34% of lawyers say that their firm knows how to respond very well to the balance of professional / private life.

Technology makes a lasting contribution to improving working conditions

83% of lawyers say it is extremely or very important to them to work at a firm that fully leverages technology. What make them want to continue the great adventure after the big resignation.

Recommendation: Implement an employee retention action plan to promote even more attractive working conditions


The Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer: Leading Change

The future is increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain.

More than ever, lawyers turn to legal tech for help!

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