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Legal07 September, 2018

Future of law firms: how to ensure yours is future proof

What does the future of law firms look like beyond 2018 and what steps can your firm take to ensure it not only survives, but thrives? These are the questions that should be top of mind as you develop your law firms’ future – or shall we say future proof business strategy.

The increased adoption of e justice systems across Europe, cloud computing and integrated services, as well as new data protection requirements, are forcing law firms to review how they manage their practice to ensure they are protected, compliant and evolving with client demands.

Future of law firms beyond 2018: areas of focus

Here are some key areas worth your attention in 2018 and so that you can take measures harnessing the best technology to turn what can be perceived as a threat into an opportunity for your law firm.

  • Protection against increased cyberthreats to prevent data loss, costly breaches and of course reputational damage
  • Compliance with changing EU data protection regulations under the new GDPR effective from May 2018
  • Meeting local e justice requirements that are being increasingly rolled out throughout the judicial system in Europe
  • Doing 'more with less' by using technology and integration of systems to be more effective and efficient in your work

The future is unpredictable. New trends and requirements emerge sometimes by surprise forcing law firms to change their way of working if they want to survive. Right investments in technology can help lawyers streamline their way of working (and not take on more admin work), while helping law firms mitigate risk and focus on what matters most: client satisfaction and profitability.

The digital landscape of law is ever-changing and unpredictable but by using the right technology, law firms can stay in control, minimize risk and, and most importantly keep up – seizing every opportunity for growth. Find out how by downloading our free Whitepaper: Building a future-proof law firm with legal tech.

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