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Tax & Accounting09 May, 2022

Case study: MMP Limited's accounting suite

Michael Martin Partnership (MMP) Limited is an accountancy practice of around fifteen employees based in Kent.

Introducing MMP Limited

MMP prides itself on its speed of service and consistently growing client base. The practice became a Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK customer in 2020. Director Paul Cobb spoke to us about why his practice made the switch to our CCH solutions, and shared feedback about the experience of using them. 

Why MMP’s accounting software had to change

MMP had faced cumulative problems with its incumbent accounting software provider, with whom they had had a longstanding association. From around 2016, users within the practice were experiencing slowness with the software, while licensing costs were simultaneously rising. The standard of customer service had also declined in MMP’s estimations.

“It started getting painfully slow,” MMP director Paul Cobb remarked.

“You start to wonder whether it is the software or the hardware that’s causing the problem. In actual fact though, we’ve always been on top of our hardware. With the software, we just found that we were having more and more problems. We put up with it for a number of years. Then we decided that we had to look around for alternatives.”

That decision brought MMP into contact with Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK.

Why MMP chose Wolters Kluwer

Over a consultation period of around six to nine months, and taking into account the inevitable difficulties of learning to use new software, MMP decided to make the switch to Wolters Kluwer’s CCH suite.

“We had several calls with Wolters Kluwer about CCH,” Paul said. “We also spoke to another practice we knew, based in Liverpool, to get another perspective on the software. We did have one or two chats with other providers, but when we saw the CCH demo, we liked the central database and we were happy to go forward with it.”

How Wolters Kluwer responded 

Wolters Kluwer combines almost two centuries of deep domain knowledge with advanced technology; for professional decision-making with confidence. We responded with a full suite of CCH solutions, facilitating an all-encompassing switch to our system for MMP.

“The data transfer was brilliant,” Paul said. “The timing of training wasn’t ideal, because some of our in-person sessions were due to take place just as COVID-19 struck in spring 2020. In the end, those sessions couldn’t happen, but we found that tools such as CCH Personal Tax were pretty straightforward and easy to pick up. It’s so much quicker and more efficient for the way we work, and we love it.”

The results 

“It sounds daft, but one of the problems with our previous provider was that we could only have one client’s details open at any one time,” Paul told us. One can imagine the scenario; while an accountant is working on one client account, another client rings. The accountant needs to access that client’s information onscreen quickly. Before adopting Wolters Kluwer’s CCH suite, Paul told us that his practice couldn’t do that without closing the previous account down.

Most importantly, the time savings brought about by CCH have been highly significant. “I would say that CCH saves us 10-15% of our working week,” said Paul. “For our four most senior people, CCH might save us as much as 20%. From my own experience, it could be an extra day a week, in comparison to what we had before.”

Want to find out more?

The results speak for themselves. MMP switched smoothly to a full suite of CCH solutions and now enjoy improved value for money, time savings and functionality. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK is proud to serve practices like MMP. Our priority is to transform customer interactions across the entire journey into a seamless, customer-focused, end-to-end digital experience.

To find out more about our CCH solutions, and how you can achieve results like MMP, get in touch by completing the form below. Our CCH Accelerate software bundle is designed to allow practices to move to a fully integrated suite with one swift switch.

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