a secret agents guide to internal audit
Compliance FinanceTax & Accounting28 January, 2022

A Secret Agent's Guide to Internal Audit

While you may prefer your drinks stirred and not shaken, there is a lot of overlap between the skills necessary for secret agents to save the world and internal auditors to protect organization value. The mission (and you have chosen to accept it) of Internal Audit is to protect organizational value by applying your skills across a wide array of and often dynamic risk situations. In this session we’ll talk about how having good situational awareness, being able to sense risk even where it might be hidden, leveraging the latest gadgets, and relying on your training and skills prepares you to not only survive but thrive in a world full of risky situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding situational awareness in the context of organizational risk and the role of internal audit
  • Tools of the Trade – Ensure you have or are considering the right skills and tools to win in today’s risk environment
  • Review of the core attributes internal auditors must address as they plan, execute, and report on audit work
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