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Tax & Accounting30 September, 2019

5 reasons you need to be at the Navigating Change seminars this October

Uncertainty and change are inevitable in the tax and accounting industry. Adapting to that change or preparing your practice and clients for that uncertainty is the real challenge. Our product team are taking to the road this October to deliver a series of half-day seminars to help you do just that.

Whether the UK leaves the EU on the 31st October or not, your clients will need advisory support during these uncertain times. Our half-day seminars are a must attend for any practice looking to navigate one of the biggest political and economic challenges of our time.

Here 5 reasons you need to book your place at a location near you today:

Get to grips with the new challenges facing the industry

The accounting profession is transforming at a rapid pace, abandoning age old processes and experiencing a shift in mindsets. In today’s market there are new challenges to consider: How do we create a practice fit for the future? How to remain competitive in a market with new, tech-savvy practices entering the market?

Product & Strategy Director for Wolters Kluwer, Tax and Accounting UK, Gareth Cram, will outline the new challenges facing the industry in the sessions, giving his insight into the state of change in the profession today.

Find out how an integrated data flow will drive greater efficiency

Practices are turning to automation to complete more and more tasks. Our research has shown that the firms who reported the greatest increase in revenue also used productivity enhancing technology.

Senior Product Manager for Practice, Evan Jones and Head of Pre Sales, Lee Bennett will be demonstrating how an integrated data flow will unleash greater efficiency and enable you to work collaboratively with your clients.

Find out how KPIs can help your practices through times of uncertainty

Uncertainty can be an opportunity to get a firm grasp on your practice, its numbers and key performance indicators to ensure it is running as profitably as possible. This will allow you to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to change or sudden disruptions and maintain business as usual.

Evan Jones and Lee Bennett will also demonstrate how CCH KPI Monitoring monitor performance, which KPIs to track and how to interrogate that data to make the most of advisory opportunities that present themselves.

Get practical insights on the move from compliance to advisory

The accounting profession is transforming at a rapid pace and practices are looking at ways to expand their services to remain profitable. Advisory services will play a critical part in the evolution of practices as they face the growth challenge head on.

Lead Product Manager Phil Thornton and Gareth Cram will explain why practices are turning to advisory services as way of replacing lost compliance revenue. They will also demonstrate how technology can help you unlock this transition to advisory services.

Get an exclusive look at our new tool

The half-day seminars will be an opportunity not only to come face to face with our product team, but they will also exclusively preview a brand-new tool to help you navigate these changes.

They will guide you through our software and discuss your practice processes to help you to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

We’re experts in providing information, software and services to tax executives who work in complex, compliance-driven environments.  Our innovative and mobile technology provides the information that tax, accounting and audit professionals need to make accurate decisions, comply with legislation and to increase the efficiency of their operations. We support our customers by offering expertise from our in-house team of finance professionals, ex-accountants and developers.
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