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Exclusive combination of 51 full-text journals from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins PLUS 2 comprehensive bibliographic databases.

This comprehensive and cost-effective package combines premier current journal content from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins with a powerful proprietary bibliographic tool.

Full Text from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Complete full text, including text and images, of more than 22,000 current articles
  • Access to 51 research and practitioner- oriented journals
  • Journal coverage dates as far back as 1995 (See list of journals in the What's Included tab)

Ovid Emcare Database
  • Over 3,700 international journals indexed and with no embargoes—more than any other nursing database!
  • Access to over 1,800 journals not available on other leading nursing databases
  • Over 5 million records dating back to 1995
  • Up to 250,000 record citations added each year

Ovid Nursing Proprietary Bibliographic Dataset
  • 22,000 journal articles
  • Over 375,000 bibliographic records from over 400 nursing journals
  • Includes links from bibliographic records to relevant full text in Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR) and additional full text

  • Please note that the OR Nurse and LPN journals, as well as the Ovid Nursing propriety database, are only available as part of a collection; they are not available individually.

    Ovid Emcare, a partnership with Elsevier, sets a new standard in nursing and allied health research, offering an unparalleled nursing research combination: the world’s most comprehensive and trusted scholarly, peer-reviewed literature in nursing and allied health PLUS the advanced search and discovery technology of the Ovid® platform. It is the premium nursing and allied health database ideal for practice, research, or education—access to over 5 million records, more than any other nursing database!
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  • Fundamentals of Nursing
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