Support students, admins, and educators with the right research and training

Everyone in your organization needs up-to-date clinical guidance, evidence-based research, and continuing education support. Students demand appropriate materials to pass the NCLEX®, work with patients, and complete a research project. Resource librarians want an efficient acquisition and management process. And faculty need access to materials for coursework and their own research to advance in their careers. Ovid® can help you streamline education and training across your organization.

Core resources for nursing schools

How does Ovid help?

  • Instant 24/7 access to all content resources through a single online platform
  • Supports students, faculty, program administrators, LPNs, RNs, education directors, and others
  • Content from pioneers and leaders like Lippincott®, Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), and American Nursing Association (ANA)
  • Everything from practical how-to’s on clinical care, theoretical underpinnings, evidence-based research, and more
  • No journal embargoes so readers can keep as current as possible on new evidence, guidelines, and best practices
  • Promotes consistent education and clinical training for everyone across your organization
  • Fast, integrated, precision searching of multiple resources with a single search query
  • Award-winning, 24/7 customer service and support in over a dozen languages
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