Enable reliable health data with an advanced FHIR terminology server

Have confidence in the quality of your data with an integration of the Health Language Platform to facilitate semantic interoperability by validating the accuracy of health data elements. Ensure you have a comprehensive foundation of quality data based on the latest USCDI data interoperability standards, adopted by the Offices of the National Coordinator of Healthcare IT, to ensure a common representation of meaning required for research, querying and reporting, and analysis.

Discover The Data Within The Terminology Server

The Health Language Platform consists of FHIR-compliant APIs, a comprehensive terminology module, and wrap-around technical support to enable healthcare stakeholders the ability to fully leverage the value of their data. Proven integration with the Microsoft Azure API for FHIR services enables clients to seamlessly comply with ONC Cures Act regulatory requirements and accelerate their cloud transformation.


Always up to date codes

Establish a centralized source for managing and maintaining the latest industry-standard clinical terminologies for streamlined use across the organization.


Compliant with FHIR standards

FHIR value sets (adhering to FHIR specs (4.0.1)) ensure data is properly validated ensuring the highest level of quality


Direct access to use case specific functionality

Leverage a foundation of quality data to empower point of care accuracy, data normalization, and analytics integrity.


Elevate your terminology with expert guidance

Benefit from our clinical coding terminologists’ expertise to build advanced terminology strategies fit for your organization.

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75% Efficiency increase in terminology updates and maintenance with a 90% reduction in time to process updates 

Discover the power of the Health Language Platform

The Health Language FHIR terminology server provides access to over 150 standards-based reference datasets, and over 25 expert-authored semantically enriched datasets, value sets, and crosswalks to ensure your organization is leveraging the highest quality data throughout each step of the data value chain.

Integration of the Health Language Platform enables our clients to easily validate and normalize their healthcare data to the industry standards to ensure interoperability across all clinical domains.

Clinical domains we support

Health Language Platform Diagram

Problems and diagnosis





HCPCS (J-codes)


NXC to HCOCS CMS Crosswalk

Specialty based

NUCC/NUCC to Medicare Specialty
Code Maps

Quality reporting

VSAC Value Sets
AHRQ CCS/CC-R code sets

Leverage an integrated terminology server to improve data quality throughout the data value chain

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