Translating the complex healthcare jargon, codes, and terms into understandable language for members and patients

Value-based care is all about putting the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem, giving them access and authority to take action appropriately in order to improve their health. The medical language used in electronic health records and billing systems is complex and riddled with codes and technical jargon, making it difficult for patients to get a full picture of their health data.

By translating that data into easy-to-understand terms and descriptions in both English and Spanish, health plans and providers can ensure patients and members can effectively take action.

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Comply with price and coverage transparency regulations

Recently, government organizations have recognized this challenge, and have put into place new regulations requiring providers and health plans to make health information and materials available and easy to understand, presented in plain, simple language, and written at a sixth-grade reading level.

  • Hospital price transparency

    Beginning in 2021, the Hospital Price Transparency rule requires hospitals to provide pricing information about items and services provided to their patients in 1 – a comprehensive, machine-readable file, and 2 – displayed in a consumer-friendly format. Noncompliance may result in heavy civil monetary penalties.

  • Transparency in coverage for health plans

    With the Transparency in Coverage Rule, made effective in July 2022, health plans are required to offer members an internet-based price comparison tool in order to understand their cost-sharing responsibilities for 500 items and services. To further enforce this requirement, starting January 1, 2024, CMS will require health plans to provide this pricing comparison for all items and services.

  • ACA and stars regulations

    Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act states that health plans must make health information available in any language that is the primary language of at least 5% of the plan's Medicare population. To encourage compliance, new 2024 Stars measures require that 1- health plans must provide materials on a standing basis for non-English speaking populations, accounting for 5%+ of their population, and 2 - HIDE/FIDE SNPs must translate materials into languages required by MCD contracts.


Estimated costs associated with creating and maintaining a library of English and Spanish consumer-friendly descriptions.

Member and patient engagement starts with consumer-friendly descriptions

To support health plans and providers, Health Language has curated a library of consumer-friendly terms and descriptions in English and Spanish for all industry-standard code sets (ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, CPT, etc.) to meet a variety of use cases and compliance requirements.

Health Language data solutions offer health plans and provider organizations the tools to improve patient and member engagement and satisfaction, comply with regulations, reduce operational costs, and avoid civil penalties.


Easy-to-understand language

Simple 1-2 sentence descriptions are written in plain, consistent language follow best practices for consumer communications, and validated for readability.


Support privacy requirements

Bundle transparency content with sensitivity codes to avoid state penalties and enforce privacy compliance measures.


Turnkey integration methods

Easy to integrate and scale across your enterprise with real-time APIs and standard formats across all terminologies.

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