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Wolters Kluwer launches CCH Integrator EasyLodge

Concerned about falling behind in your 2021 Australian tax return lodgments? 

The tax function operates at a hectic rate this time of the year. Financial reports, tax accounting and looming tax return compliance deadlines can keep even the best prepared tax professionals awake at night.

This year the ongoing pandemic presents an additional set of challenges. Some are obvious, like the many changes to tax law and policy due to COVID-19. Others are less obvious, including the way the pandemic has hindered services provided to the tax team by third parties such as outsourced processing and tax technology. 

The ATO has made many changes to the 2021 tax compliance forms. If your access to complete the compliance forms and electronically lodge is delayed, then your ability to meet your tax return timelines or access expected refunds may also be impacted.

Wolters Kluwer introduces CCH Integrator EasyLodge

Wolters Kluwer gives you back control during uncertain times. Our simple online solution provides a hassle-free way to validate and electronically lodge your Company, Trust, Partnership, Attribution Managed Investment Trust (AMIT) or Fund Income Tax returns. CCH Integrator EasyLodge is the efficient way to meet your KPIs and deadlines, offering the potential of earlier access to you or your client’s tax refund.

Fast, timely, and cost-effective Australian tax compliance for 2021

Simply prepare your Australian tax returns using your normal business processes and load your tax return disclosure data into CCH Integrator via our intuitive and easy-to-use templates. CCH Integrator is Wolters Kluwer’s flagship global tax platform, which provides secure, end-to-end functionality to 40% of ASX 100.

Your data is automatically pre-filled into the relevant tax return forms where it can be validated for completeness and internal consistency using CCH Integrator’s in-application validation engine, providing peace of mind during the final steps of review. Once validated, you can lodge your tax return with the ATO via the CCH Lodgment Portal. 

Pay only for the forms you lodge

Sign up online, pay only for the lodgment transactions you perform, and start filing immediately.  

Need help? Our skilled and dedicated local support team is just a phone call or email away.

For further information on CCH Integrator EasyLodge and to directly sign up, visit the Wolters Kluwer shop using the following links:

If you are a Corporate: 

If you are an Accounting Firm: https://shop.wolterskluwer.com.au/items/10091444-0002S

CCH Integrator

Transform your business with the global tax platform that keeps enterprises a step ahead in a constantly evolving world. 

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