Build firm resilience
Tax & AccountingDecember 14, 2020

Build firm resilience with predictive intelligence

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the future is full of unexpected surprises. But what if you could predict the future?

Although there are still many unknowns, predictive intelligence can help you build resilience by proactively identifying how tax legislation or regulatory changes could affect your clients. Advanced technologies, like CCH iQ Client Match can help firms provide enhanced client service and deliver business insights that help streamline tax season and discover additional revenue streams.

Provide year-round superior client service

If you want clients to view you as advisors rather than just accountants, you need to anticipate their needs before they even ask you for help. Because if you don’t, you could lose their business. Up to 72% of small businesses have changed accounting firms because the firm wasn’t proactive about addressing tax law changes. With predictive intelligence, your firm can offer updates all year long on how regulatory changes might affect them, so clients can take action today.

Create an efficient tax season

With growing financial advisory services, your firm is keeping in touch with clients all year long, delivering important business insights proactively. But did you know that predictive intelligence also can save critical time during your busy season? With CCH iQ Client Match your firm can streamline the tax prep and review process by identifying which legislative changes could affect each client. This gives you a heads up for areas of the tax return that may require a bit of extra attention.

Discover new revenue sources

You can use the power of predictive intelligence to flip your firm’s mix of business from primarily commoditised compliance services to a higher percentage of lucrative advisory services. Position your firm as a trusted partner and open up additional revenue streams.

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