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Beyond the call: How to differentiate your telehealth experience post-visit

Although pandemic guidelines have relaxed over time, the interest in telehealth medicine only continues to grow — and patient expectations are rising just as fast.

To truly differentiate the telehealth experience, the patient experience surrounding the call is just as important as the online consultation itself.

According to a recent online survey of more than 1,000 US patients1, an urgent need is around having easy access to relevant medical content that can answer follow-up questions. Patients are looking for these educational materials—from videos to leaflets—to come from their care provider. And in turn, these care providers are looking to their telehealth platform to make distribution of these materials seamless within the workflow.

With patient loyalty at stake, telehealth platforms have an unprecedented opportunity to add value for the organizations they serve.

Help your customers become more indispensable to their patients

Infusing your telehealth platform with robust content integration pays off for your customers. According to the same study, four out of five patients who have easy access to follow-up materials report being more satisfied with their provider — and 67% say they are more likely to stick with the practice.

Delivering high-quality educational materials doesn’t require hiring an army of medical writers. With UpToDate® Consumer Education from UpToDate Digital Architect solutions, you can empower your customers with tens of thousands of topics vetted from the most widely used medical libraries.

Ninety percent of hospitals worldwide trust the same content to help drive better outcomes and better engagement with patients. Today, that content utilizes APIs and a developer's platform for easy integration into telehealth platforms, workflows, and systems.

By making it quick for your customers to retrieve and share materials, they can minimize the time between the appointment and a follow-up email – and drive patient loyalty. In fact, 70% of respondents say they are more likely to stay with providers who can provide them with the materials they want. And when your customers are more indispensable to their patients, you become more indispensable to your customers.

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  1. Wolters Kluwer. n= 1,034 US patients. November 2022. Data on file.
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