Tax & AccountingJune 26, 2020

Applied Excel – Practical Tips for Businesses

Excel is an amazing software solution. It can perform hundreds of thousands of unique functions. In this session, we're going to go beyond VLOOKUP and work with the features that are of use to accounting practices.

Using a custom built quick reference guide as a part of this session, attendees will leave being able to use Excel like a pro, to reduce the time they spend on many common tasks and increase accuracy. We will also cover;

  1. Techniques for rapidly ingesting and morphing data from other systems
  2. Excel Data Types and How to use them
  3. Conditional Formatting and why colouring rows and columns is a bad idea
  4. AI in Excel – Using Ideas with your data
  5. The Formulas Tab, Vlookup and more
  6. The Data Tab – Using Excel as an advanced analytics tool
  7. Templates and Excel – Speeding up your workflow

Webinar Learning Outcomes:

On conclusion of this session, you’ll be able to implement a number of advanced excel functions and streamline your job. We will also take data from three different common business sources and use this to produce live and useful reports for clients.

Suited to:

This session aimed at technology minded professionals in the accounting industry requires attendees to have a working knowledge of Excel.

Presenter Bio:

Nick Beaugeard is the CEO and Founder of HubOne, a software company which develops solutions for Accounting Firms. Nick has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years and Released advises high growth software startup companies on leading edge software development patterns and practices. Nick also leads the Australian and New Zealand Emerging technology community of CompTIA, the world’s largest IT industry association.

Nick is technically certified across multiple software development languages, standards, practices and platforms and works predominantly in emerging technology. Nick lives on Sydney’s Northern beaches with his wife and 4 kids.

You will be provided with:

  • PowerPoint presentation slide deck
  • Supporting documentation
  • Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months
  • An opportunity to ask questions to the presenter 
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