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CCH Signatures & Client Portal: fast, secure digital signing - anytime, anywhere

On-demand presentation | 45 minutes

In the post pandemic landscape, 71% of firms* are now meeting clients online - so it's more important than ever before to ensure you have a secure and easy to use digital signing solution and client collaboration tools to support your clients.

CCH Signatures provides fast, secure electronic document signing on a range of devices.

Join our webinar for a demonstration of the CCH Signatures tool, which can be used either as a standalone tool or fully integrated with CCH iFirm Client Portal to streamline the exchange of documents, invoices and facilitate digital signing with ease.

We’ll share:

  • How to manage multiple documents and signatories with a set signing order
  • Average cost and time savings on standard postage
  • Transparency in billing
  • How the product works on its own with your existing client collaboration tool or with CCH iFirm Client Portal

Join us and learn how you can help set your firm up for success with secure and easy to use client collaboration tools.

This webinar will be available to watch on-demand over the Dec 2022–Jan 2023 holiday period.

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