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TeamMate+ is designed to collaborate with stakeholders from the planning process all the way through reporting.

  • Use Self-Assessments when performing your annual (or continuous) risk assessment for audit planning. This helps build buy-in from the stakeholders who will later be audited.
  • Use Surveys either before the audit to collect preliminary information, or after the audit to receive feedback on the audit process.
  • Request documents (or PBC) directly in the application to remove the necessity to follow up manually and track request with dashboards. Documents with transactional data can then opened with
  • TeamMate Analytics to integrate analytic testing directly into your audit process.
  • Automate the process of collecting Management Action Plans and performing Response Tracking in a central location. This not only increases accountability from your stakeholders but removes the manual burden of follow-up for your auditors.
  • Manage changes to the audit report within TeamMate+ for a full audit trail of edits and neatly maintain all historical copies.

Data when you need it

TeamMate+ provides a variety of reporting options to meet the various needs of your users and organization. Whether auditors need a quick list of current assignments or your Audit Committee is looking for a dashboard of risk coverage, TeamMate+ has your department covered.

  • Homepage Actionable dashboards allow auditors and managers to quickly see the status of work and use the drill through capabilities to seamlessly navigate to areas of interest.
  • Historical Insights provide insights directly in a risk assessment or audit to prevent auditors from having to pull up old audit files or reports. Examples of insights include previous audit ratings and previous risk or control ratings for a particular entity.
  • TeamInsights is the embedded reporting solution that provides list reports and dashboards that can be customized for any stakeholder and scheduled to remove the need to manually run and distribute reports
  • Reporting API allows you to connect to your organizations preferred Business Intelligence tool, such as PowerBI. You can then create customized reports that combine information from TeamMate+ with information from other organizational systems for a comprehensive view of your organization.

A focus on innovation and the future

As a core value to Wolters Kluwer, TeamMate takes a customer-focused approach to product development for 25 years and counting. This customer focus is based on industry trends in information ecosystems, technology enablement, changing talent landscape, integrated risk, and audit disruption. Whether your department is looking into agile audit, continuous risk monitoring, or tomorrow’s next trend, TeamMate is leading audit evolution.

TeamMate's continued dedication to customer success has taken a huge leap forward with the TeamMate Audit Benchmark. Through this ongoing study, we are gathering deep insight into the challenges that are facing audit teams around the world and across all industries. Beyond that, TeamMate Audit Benchmark allows us to see where the internal audit profession is headed, project the challenges of the future, and use that insight to inform the development of solutions that truly address the needs of internal audit.



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