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Great business and patient outcomes require a foundation of great data – data that has integrity and can deliver insights without requiring an increase in administrative burden. Health Language ensures your organization has quality data by harmonizing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to industry standards, ensuring your organization has reliable, accurate, and semantically interoperable data to drive critical business decisions. Extract, transform, normalize, standardize, categorize, map, and manage – take your data further.

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Reliability enabled

Be confident with security measures built into every workflow. A Solution Architect partners with health plans to map every data feed into their system to understand how to handle content updates.

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Outcomes accelerated

Pushing the boundaries of clinical data optimization, health plans can build more accurate cross-domain reports for a real-time look into financial impact, clinical data, and patient population trends.

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Data optimized

Ensuring data quality starting at the point of care, Health Language maps disparate data sources to industry standards, resulting in comprehensive, interoperable data, ready for analysis and insight.

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