Our expert solutions combine deep expertise with specialized technology that help our customers achieve better results, better analysis and increased productivity.
Sustainability work

Skip the year-end folder and save the forest

With our digital work tools, you can skip both the year-end folder and the paper reports.
Try our demo versions, and we will plant a tree in the Vi-forest. 
Wolter Kluwer's collaboration with Vi-skogen is part of our contribution to a sustainable future. Together we can both save and rebuild nature's resources.

Our products

With us, you will find complete support for closing of books, tax returns, audits and analysis.
Our tax software was the first of its kind in Sweden. It has maintained its leading position and is a cornerstone of our software portfolio.
Today, large parts of our portfolio are digital, such as our cloud-based solutions Capego and finsit.
We also organize trainings that help you stay up to date and work as efficiently as possible. 

Featured Solutions - Tax & Accounting
Customers include accounting firms, corporate finance, tax and auditing departments, government agencies, corporations, libraries, universities, and businesses of all sizes.
Featured Solutions - Health
Featured Solutions - Governance, Risk and Compliance
Featured Solutions - Legal & Regulatory
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