Debt Facilities

Our outstanding issued bonds are summarised below.


Type Term Amount Listing ISIN Code
6.748% Senior bonds 2008/2028 €36 million Luxembourg XS0384322656
2.500% Senior bonds 2014/2024 €400 million Luxembourg XS1067329570
1.500% Senior bonds 2017/2027 €500 million Luxembourg XS1575992596
0.750%  Senior bonds
(Prospectus & Fiscal agency agreement)


€500 million Luxembourg XS2198580271
0.250%  Senior bonds
(Prospectus Fiscal agency agreement)


€500 million Luxembourg


3.000%  Senior bonds
(Prospectus Fiscal agency agreement)


€500 million Luxembourg


3.750%  Senior bonds
(Prospectus Fiscal agency agreement)


€700 million Luxembourg XS2592516210 
3.250%  Senior bonds
(Prospectus Fiscal agency agreement

(issued at March 18, 2024)

€600 million  Luxembourg   XS2778864210


Type Term Amount
Private loan agreements 2008-2038 JPY 20 billion*

* The bilateral private loan agreements denominated in Japanese Yen were swapped to Euro.

Credit Facility

Committed Bank Lines Term Amount
Multi-currency roll-over credit facility 2020-2025* €600 million

* The credit facility matures in July 2025. This facility is sustainability-linked, with pricing tied to four ESG key performance indicators.

Commercial Paper

Type Amount
Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) Program €1 billion

On May 7, 2019, Wolters Kluwer has established an ECP program to facilitate flexible funding for short-term cash needs and to have an additional source of funding.


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