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Sentri7® Clinical Surveillance

Identify at-risk patients earlier to ensure delivery of evidence-based care to support pharmacy, infection prevention, and sepsis performance programs.

  • Sepsis Monitor - Ensure early and accurate sepsis care.  Consistent delivery of SEP-1 care.
  • Infection Prevention - Prioritize at-risk patients for HAIs, and robust analytics to drive CQI.
  • Pharmacy - Optimize medication therapies, antimicrobial and opioid stewardship programs, and precision dosing to reduce costs and improve care.
  • Quantifi - Streamline pharmacy documentation to demonstrate value and improve care.

Simplifi+® Pharmacy Compliance

Proactively manage USP compliance, medication storage, and emergency cart medication inventory with a suite of applications on a common platform.

  • Simplifi 797 - Proactively manage USP compliance for Chapters 795, 797 and 800, and be inspection ready, every time.
  • Simplifi+ MedStorage - Prioritize patient safety while streamlining and automating medication storage outside the pharmacy. 
  • Simplifi+ MedTrays -removing manual processes and automating the tracking and inventory of emergency tray drugs. 
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