Whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon who needs to keep up on the latest techniques, or a researcher in orthopaedics, Ovid offers an integrated solution of journals, books and databases in Orthopaedics produced by the world’s premier publishers, and many have been highlighted for distinction by industry standard ranking and rating systems.

  • Ovid offers access to top-cited journals in Orthopaedics
  • Roughly half of all Orthopaedics books on Ovid have received a Doody’s Star Review
  • Search all journals, books, and databases simultaneously—easily link between the bibliographic record and full-text
  • 100% embargo-free journal access

Featured resource: OrthoEvidence

  • OrthoEvidence is the global online source for high quality and timely Orthopaedic-only evidence-based summaries, pre-appraised by Orthopaedic medical experts. OrthoEvidence is the first of its kind, an Orthopaedic-focused evidence-based summary provider.
  • Users will have access to the best evidence with over 6,000 Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE) reports, evidence summary reports from conference abstracts, podcast interviews with leaders and pioneers in orthopaedic surgery, interviews with authors of trending ACE reports, and more.

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