Advancing patient safety goals

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t force healthcare problems into existence, but it did build on years of burnout, exhaustion, and the near-breaking point of hospital workers. As health systems reckon with this changing environment, they’re confronting existing problems, like hospital infections and drug adherence, alongside new challenges such as an escalating opioid crisis, the long-term impacts of COVID-19, and a fragile and reshaping workforce.

Additional factors are adding to the challenge. Rampant misinformation is jeopardizing patient adherence while opioid and other drug concerns point to societal hurdles that further drive risk and impact patient outcomes. All the while, the very thing that could bridge these barriers — patient data — gets siloed and lost amid unstructured notes and information, preventing clinicians from accessing the full picture of a person’s medical history.

In this evolving era of patient safety challenges coming from within and outside the care ecosystem, quality improvement initiatives are key for hospitals and health systems to achieve value-based care goals. With tools to standardize processes, provide better insights, and empower time-strapped clinicians, pharmacists, and staff, our expert solutions aim to help reduce these barriers so that patients can safely and equitably receive the best care everywhere.

Patient safety solutions for hospitals and health systems

As hospitals and health systems confront challenges of workforce shortages and burnout, old approaches to patient safety won’t cut it in this changing environment. Learn how you can streamline the barriers, automate workflows, and manage risks.

Patient safety solutions for hospital pharmacies

Hospital pharmacy staff are on the frontlines of combatting societal barriers that threaten medication adherence and patient safety, from misinformation to opioid usage. With extensive evidence-based drug databases, content, and analytics, these solutions can help pharmacies embrace stewardship and drug programs for safer medication delivery.

Expert insights on improving patient safety

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