Lippincott® Clinical Experiences delivers a wide range of clinical encounters to give students critical exposure to diverse patient populations, practice settings, and clinical scenarios that go beyond traditional hospital encounters.

Co-developed with nurse educators, Lippincott® Clinical Experiences helps you close the gap in available clinical opportunities for community and public health nursing. It also empowers you to hone students’ proficiencies in all of the competencies expected of novice nurses outlined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the Henry Street Consortium.

Cultivate the clinical proficiency for success in community and public health nursing

Unlike other virtual simulations, Lippincott® Clinical Experiences offers students the opportunity to practice in a wide range of settings — including environments that are difficult to simulate, such as natural disaster sites, domestic violence shelters, or correctional facilities.

As students encounter diverse patient populations and clinical scenarios, they are challenged to apply key community, public, and population health concepts in real time and with real-world stakes. By exposing students to the full spectrum of nursing practice situations, Lippincott® Clinical Experiences helps you overcome the lack of available real-world clinical time and supplement students’ missed clinicals.

  • 16 realistic clinical experiences — 8 in virtual simulation modules and 8 comprising clinical activity documents — afford students critical practice interacting with a wide array of settings, situations, and patient populations.
  • Additional clinical assignments broaden students’ clinical perspectives by encouraging them to consider their own communities through the lens of population health.
  • Content co-developed by accredited nurse educators reflects hands-on clinical time to meet State Boards of Nursing regulations.

For additional community health resources, visit our Community Health solution, featuring award-winning textbooks and courseware learning solutions designed to help your students acquire the essential knowledge to inform clinical judgment to benefit their communities.

Clinical experience for nursing students in a virtual community

Lippincott® Clinical Experiences immerses students in Promise Heights™, a virtual community populated by thousands of individuals reflecting diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. By safely engaging in the real-life application of key community, public, and population health concepts in both urban and rural environments, students actively develop their clinical skills and build the confidence for effective nursing practice in any setting.
Clinical reasoning questions, pop quizzes, and What Do You Think? questions deliver an active learning experience that encourages reflection and fosters clinical reasoning skills.
Lippincott® Clinical Experiences develops clinical judgement by challenging students to think critically and make informed clinical decisions. Students practice communication skills by choosing the most appropriate response a practicing nurse might deliver in the scenario. Rationales for correct and incorrect answers provide the context and reasoning needed to complete the learning process.
Supplemental virtual experiences enable students to practice other critical skills, including triage, safety risk identification, and more.
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Lippincott® Clinical Experiences: Community, Public, and Population Health Nursing
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