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Profile Navigator and Relationship Indicator Tools

  • Access 17,000+ data-driven profiles of arbitrators, expert witnesses, and counsels, derived from Kluwer Arbitration's comprehensive collection of international cases and awards, and appointment data of leading arbitral institutions.
  • Assess relationships of arbitration stakeholders to uncover potential conflicts of interest.
  • Direct access to all publications and arbitration cases within the Kluwer Arbitration database associated with an arbitrator, expert witness, or counsel to gain an overview of their views and approach.
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Practical Insights

Provide guidance to the most pressing and challenging issues in the international arbitration process, from interim measures to enforcement of awards, presented in a concise, step-by-step format

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Kluwer Arbitration Practical Insights
Kluwer Arbitration Practical Insights

Quick Answers

Allows to quickly examine and compare specific content by topic across selected jurisdictions or arbitral institutions.

Gain answers to common questions in the following areas:

  • Appointment and challenge of
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Drafting arbitration agreements
  • Sovereign immunity
  • Arbitral institutions
The Quick Answers are edited by Clifford Chance LLP.

Templates and Examples Newly updated

Extensive collection of templates and examples to guide users through the typical steps associated with an arbitration proceeding, such as the Request for Arbitration, Procedural Order No. 1 and Arbitration Award templates. The arbitration templates can be downloaded and edited to suit the circumstances of a particular case and the examples are a guide when considering alternative approaches.

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New York Convention

New York Convention Tool

Find case law on how the courts have interpreted and applied the New York Convention’s provisions.

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  • Find the right arbitrator for your case
  • Explore relationships to uncover potential conflicts of interest
  • Supercharge your research with practical insights presented in a step-by-step format
  • Quickly gain answers to common questions related to the arbitration process
  • Access expert guidance and insights leading inexorably to a winning case strategy

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