Nurture your clients and drive business growth with WOLTERS KLUWER and BOMA

Designed specifically for accountants to take time, cost and complexity out of digital marketing.

BOMA is an integrated solution for all your digital marketing channels including email, social posts, blog posts and social ads. You get access to a content library filled with customisable, ready-to-share articles.

Wolters Kluwer’s informative guides and fact sheets, combined with BOMA’s easy to use digital marketing platform, makes it easier for you to provide value for clients, and attract and engage new business through ‘best business practice’ content.

CCH Business Fitness Bronze, Silver and Gold Subscribers get exclusive access to our premium content library when you subscribe to BOMA.

Visit the BOMA website to register for a free 14 day trial

Wolters Kluwer and BOMA

  • CCH Business Fitness bespoke premium content sits within BOMA.
  • Choose from a library of high quality articles
  • Access a huge (and free) image library
  • Effortlessly publish articles across your digital marketing channels 
  • Schedule emails, social posts, and social ads to grow your audience
  • Utilise simple lead capture forms
  • And much, much more
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