Survey: Care expands beyond the clinic to the pharmacy

US consumer trust in providers at non-traditional primary care settings is growing, with increasing desires for more convenient and affordable care. The days of patients receiving all medical care at a hospital or the physician’s office are vanishing.

Spurred by cost, convenience, and shifting generational perspectives, 58% of Americans are likely to first seek non-emergency healthcare at pharmacies, according to a new US consumer survey commissioned by Wolters Kluwer1. Gen Z and Millennials are leading the way (56% and 54%), with convenience and cost driving provider and location decisions.

Consumers are also looking for affordable medication options, expecting physicians and pharmacists to inform them of generics, and are open to delivery and subscription services - with some concerns for safety and interactions. Pharmacists and providers will need to connect across care sites and work together to understand these shifting trends to advise and deliver the best care possible to patients - wherever and however they choose to receive it.

1Survey conducted online between March 15-21, 2023 with 1,017 US adults ages 18 and older, weighted to be representative of the total US population.

Key pharmacy consumer survey insights

Care is rapidly decentralizing, consumers are choosing convenience and making assumptions about pharmacist access to medical records, and many are looking for cost relief through generics and alternative delivery methods - with some concerns.

Blue pie chart of 58%

Consumers who say they're likely to visit a local pharmacy as a first step for non-emergency medical issues

green pie chart with 1 in 3 text in the center

Consumers who said convenience is more important than credentials in a non-emergency situation

Figure 92% in red pie chart

Consumers who feel physicians and pharmacists should inform them of generics

Deep red pie chart with 59% in center

Consumers worried about medication tampering or theft with mail or subscription delivery services

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Insights from the first Pharmacy Next survey

Our first US survey conducted in Fall 20222 provided initial insights on consumer trends in health decentralization from primary care to pharmacies and clinics, concerns about medication safety and costs, and a consumer openness to genomic testing. Download our first executive brief, report, and infographic, watch our expert panel webinar, and explore additional resources and insights from Wolters Kluwer experts.

2Survey conducted with 1,006 US adults, 18 and older between September 19-26, 2022.

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