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Tax & AccountingMay 16, 2024

CCH solutions drive efficiency in compliance and trust administration at Accounted4

Accounted4 is a Cambridge, Waikato based firm which serves the accounting and advisory needs of New Zealand business and farm owners. Supporting their compliance and trust administration work is CCH Entities and CCH iFirm Workpapers solutions.

Company Details 

Name: Accounted4
Size: 30 employees



  • Time savings with Workpapers
  • Supports farming clients, with livestock workpapers
  • Centralised view of Trust administration with CCH Entities
We would highly recommend CCH Workpapers. Our staff love them, and you would be surprised how many firms are using CCH Workpapers, particularly in our area.
Christine Stevenson, Business Manager, Accounted4

Comprehensive workpapers – updated annually 

Accounted4 has been using CCH iFirm Workpapers for many years. The firm’s Business Manager, Christine Stevenson said that when the firm started using Xero software, they considered also moving to Xero Workpapers.

“When we started with Xero, it was an opportunity to move to Xero Workpapers (a free add-on), but the team was unanimous in wanting to stick with CCH iFirm Workpapers,” she said.

“They love the detail, the format and they work very well. They are updated annually for us. There are livestock workpapers – which is critical for us as we have a lot of farming clients. We also rely on the dividend workpapers.”

“It’s a very popular tool – you would be surprised how many firms are using CCH iFirm Workpapers. We ask this question of all our potential recruits as well, and so many of them are using the CCH Workpapers.”

For Christine, ongoing support and customisation are also key benefits.

“Customer Support is great – our Customer Success Manager has been really, really great – very prompt to get back to us and ensure we’re on the best subscription. The product development team behind the Workpapers are also good at communicating with us. They are fantastic at helping us to customise things when we need to,” she said.

Enabling efficient Trust administration

Accounted4 relies on CCH Entities Trust to manage their Trust administration, and this solution has helped streamline this process dramatically.

Our Trust Administrator has actually been recommending CCH Entities Trusts to law firms. I can’t believe law firms wouldn’t have the software, they need this kind of tool!
Christine Stevenson, Business Manager, Accounted4

“Prior to implementing CCH Entities Trust, our trusts were all over the show – paper files and folders everywhere,” said Christine. “Given we had 600-700 trusts, we needed something to help us manage this more efficiently. Now it’s fantastic. We have it all in the one place!

“We have a dedicated staff member managing trust admin, and she’s actually been helping a law firm, and advising them to be taking on the software,” said Christine

“To be honest, I can’t believe law firms wouldn’t have the software, they need this kind of tool!” Christine Stevenson, Business Manager, Accounted4

Learn more about how our Workpapers, available through CCH iFirm and CCH iKnowConnect Practical Tools (formerly CCH Business Fitness), and CCH Entities can help your firm.

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