Capture and analyze key metrics

Gathering data on key indicators is complex. Highly diverse data must be collected, consolidated and analyzed accurately. Data can be imprecise, incomplete or even lost. Also, companies need to drill down or “slice and dice” the data. The Enablon Metrics Management software application enables businesses to improve EHS and sustainability performance, reduce risks, drive operational excellence, and report accurately to stakeholders.


Centralize and report on data

Consolidate all data, and lagging and leading indicators, in a single enterprise-wide system. Gain visibility over global metrics or focus on specific entities, locations, sites or departments. Embed simple and complex calculations into indicators. Create dashboards with hundreds of reports out-of-the-box.


Ensure data quality

Standardize data from all locations through automatic unit conversions. Ensure data quality through rules and integrity checks.


Enhance Business Performance

Compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) between entities. Evaluate progress on corporate objectives. Simplify data analysis through sophisticated and flexible reporting to identify opportunities for improvement.


Improve EHS performance and sustainability reporting

Measure and keep track of key indicators, such as workplace incidents, water and energy consumption, GHG emissions, waste generation, and chemical inventories, from all sites. Accurately measure your safety performance and environmental impacts.


Mitigate risks and maintain compliance

Identify, manage and track Key Risk Indicators (KRI) through all sites in a consistent way. Comply with global regulations and industry standards (e.g.GRI, CDP, DJSI). Improve accountability through a full audit trail.


Launch effective data collection campaigns

Launch global initiatives to collect qualitative or quantitative data, in the same format across all sites, and at the desired frequency, with automatic notifications. Enjoy on-the-fly, flexible campaign management capabilities to save time.

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Enablon received the highest overall scores across the functional and technical capabilities assessed in the Green Quadrant study and also maintains its position as the leading vendor for market momentum
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Enablon offers a large set of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Find the ones that fit your needs.


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