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Enablon offers a dedicated suite of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Engineering & Operations combines SaaS-enabled integrated Control of Work, Field Operations, Process Safety and Barrier Management tools. Find the package that fits your needs.


The connected enterprise

In the Industry 4.0 smart factory, machine data is collected from sensors, beacons, assets and drones connected through the IoT. The great availability of machine data creates an opportunity to better protect operations by uncovering new hazards and risks in real-time. Enablon offers a smart platform that connects with assets and IoT devices, to generate valuable insights into your operations.


Proactive risk management

The days of “comply and report” are over. Organizations must still comply with regulations and produce reports. But today they must go further. They must also be proactive, and predict and prevent incidents. Our solutions allow you to identify operational risks right down to the level of each asset, and to monitor the controls that protect operational efficiency.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Operational risk management starts with the collection of data. But what you do with the data is what matters most. With Enablon, you can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to send geo-localized and real-time predictive alerts, identify areas at risk for severe incidents, and receive suggestions of controls and action plans for identified operational risks.


Supporting key workflows

Enablon offers the most comprehensive set of solutions that lead to a fully digital, integrated, and effective operational risk management program. Whether it’s Permit To Work, Barrier Management, Process Safety Management, or Management of Change, we understand your workflows and support you on the path to operational excellence.

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Enablon’s Control of Work software achieves 83% of the maximum potential score, making it the strongest software for the full breadth of control of work functionality.
Verdantix, Software Benchmark: Control of Work
Enablon is one of the top three vendors for barrier risk management with a score of 2.4/3.0. The software integrates with plant information data from OSIsoft PI Systems as well as with near real-time and static data from internal and external IT systems.
Verdantix, ORM Green Quadrant

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