Empower residents to contribute to the culture of EBP

Empower residents to contribute to an organizational culture of EBP. Ovid Synthesis enriches curricula and competencies, decreases project workload, and engages residents early in their careers to participate in research critical to improving outcomes.


Enrich resident curricula and competencies


Empower and retain proficient practicing nurses


Advanced technology and innovation


Save time and manual effort

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Enrich resident curricula and competencies

Residents are oftentimes lacking the skills required for evidence-based practice when they begin their residency training. Ovid Synthesis offers step-by-step guides for users of all skill levels and an intuitive interface. It enables users with limited research skills to aggregate and synthesize the latest evidence to ensure quality output for you and your residents.

Empower and retain proficient practicing nurses

Burnout and turnover of new nurses are at all-time high levels, which is why Ovid Synthesis focuses on engaging nurses in QI to improve retention. Our product decreases the workload with templates built for EBP and QI. It allows leadership to oversee, manage, coach, mentor, and provide feedback to residents easily and efficiently for strengthened collaboration.

Advanced technology and innovation

With an often stressful workload for both staff and residents, it’s critical to use technology to your advantage. Ovid Synthesis serves as a research repository, so all project information is organized and stored in one simple tech solution. Our product will help you eliminate breakdowns and stalled projects. It integrates evidence into and streamlines workflows, so project workload becomes more manageable and residents find a refreshed spirit of inquiry.

Save time and manual effort

Inadequate oversight of the various resident projects is a common problem. Ovid Synthesis makes staff oversight a priority, providing a high-level Executive Dashboard to view and track resident projects in real time and help decrease duplicative efforts. The filter feature allows users to locate specific project types quickly and efficiently. Plus, Ovid Synthesis allows residents to disseminate their results with the push of a button. This all-in-one tech solution streamlines and standardizes the workflow to save time and manual effort.

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Nurse leaders’ experience with Ovid Synthesis

Ovid Synthesis has helped make my research experience much easier with the tools provided!

-Student, School of Nursing

If I had Ovid in school, I would have loved it, it’s such an easy way to have all your information saved in one place for a research study.

–Nurse Resident, Hospital System

I wish I had something like this instead of having multiple pages open and looking for resources. The evidence table is so nice. Everything's right in one place.

–Nurse Residency Coordinator, Hospital System

It makes completing all the steps of an EBP project much easier than any traditional method.

–Nurse Resident, Hospital System

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