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JBI is an international evidence-based organization dedicated to assisting healthcare providers and organizations with the uptake of evidence into practice. As a premier source of evidence-based information, it exists to equip leadership, educators, and clinicians in meeting today’s rigorous quality standards to improve patient outcomes.

JBI’s evidence-based healthcare model is considered a benchmark in the global healthcare industry. To bring its expertise to you, JBI has developed a collection of world-class resources — available exclusively on Ovid®.

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JBI EBP Database

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, JBI’s Evidence-Based Practice Database provides the best available evidence and comprehensive clinical decision support for a wide range of clinical care and policy topics.

All JBI EBP resources provide actionable guidance for improving patient safety, decreasing errors, and implementing EBP standards. Use JBI’s EBP Database with confidence to make informed EBP decisions.

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JBI Journal Collection

All JBI products assist healthcare providers in the “planning” and “doing” of getting the best available evidence into policy and practice.

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JBI Evidence Synthesis

Ranked as a Q1 publication since 2023 in the nursing category, this multidisciplinary journal brings together relevant information on a wide range of research questions to inform health policy and practice. In addition to systematic reviews, it also includes the latest guidance for evidence synthesis methodology and methods, such as how to assess risk of bias, as well as best practices for healthcare education.

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JBI Evidence Implementation

This journal addresses the science and practice of evidence implementation and pragmatically shows how to get evidence into practice. It emphasizes implementation methodology by showcasing papers from diverse clinical, cultural, and socioeconomic contexts. Those who utilize JBI’s software suite for their EBP projects can publish their results in JBI Evidence Implementation.

JBI Software Suite

JBI’s software suite enables healthcare professionals to appraise, implement, and audit evidence-based practices they develop.


JBI SUMARI is a software program that provides end-to-end support for researchers and health professionals to conduct a systematic review from anywhere in the world, facilitating 10 different types of systematic reviews from protocol to report.

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JBI PACES is software that aids clinical audit and feedback in primary, acute, community and residential aged care settings. It is a flexible program that supports healthcare professionals to improve healthcare practices based on the best available evidence.

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