OneSumX Integrated Risk and Finance introduces a path to achieve full end-to-end integration of your risk, finance and performance needs on a single platform. Total cost of ownership is lowered as the number of interfaces, enrichments and reconciliation efforts are reduced. Information is delivered via shared simulations and analytics, helping ensure more strategic business decisions can be reached.
Our OneSumX suite central business-oriented data layer promotes efficiency, improves data quality and enables teams to identify and better leverage the commonalities that exist between risk, financial data and calculations.

Key functionalities of the solution include:
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Reconciliation of granular business and finance data
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One source of reference for finance, risk, and compliance
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Unmatched level of detail
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Reduced number of reconciliations, data duplication and integrations
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Fast and reliable financial, risk and regulatory reporting
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Immediate link from finance to risk, ALM, and regulatory reporting

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