OneSumX for ALM introduces a solution that facilitates flexible balance sheet modeling and accommodates multiple structures of data on one platform. The solution also allows for multi-entity implementations and different user types.

OneSumX for ALM, which forms part of our Risk suite of solutions, is based on Wolters Kluwer's integrated platform, enabling balance sheet modeling, stress testing and a dynamic planning module - providing a truly enterprise-wide risk solution. Each user benefits from their own personalized view on the balance sheet while still receiving a holistic view across the enterprise.

The solution provides a comprehensive view of the business’ risks to help facilitate strategic decision-making. Some of these features include:
  • Liquidity gap and contingency analysis
  • Valuation (NPV, BPV, Duration, Convexity, Greeks)
  • Interest rate sensitivity, repricing, fixing date gap and key rate analysis
  • Replication of non-maturing contracts
  • Dynamic balance sheet projection (forecast and planning)
  • Scenario modeling with combined market, credit and behavioral stress
  • Dynamic hedging
  • Profitability/FTP (income and spread decomposition, FTP curve calculation framework – 9 methods

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